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crony |ˈkrōnē|

noun ( pl. cronies ) informal, often reckless

a close friend or companion: he/she creates mischief with his/her cronies. origin: late 20th - early 21st cent. ( possibly from teaneck and or other where a bouts such as paterson, cape-town and buffalo ) greek khronios ‘long-lasting’ compare with chum, cohort, or homeboy/homegirl.

in efforts to positively impact the community, tgn is committed to sharing the talents of others.

we are always seeking visual artists interested in exhibiting their work. chosen individuals will be featured as online cronies to an ever growing community of art enthusiasts and or selected for exhibition at thegrassynoel GALLERY & STUDIO. 2  & 3 dimensional work in any medium from novice to professional will be considered. participants and prospects who join this online ecosystem are encouraged to visit our gallery in Teaneck, NJ.

Jack R Moore

I'm a traditionally trained artist who has worked as an illustrator/designer in the advertising industry for many years. In the mid nineties I switched to digital tools in order to stay relevant in an industry that had gone digital very quickly. I have transitioned these skills to my fine art.


Angelica Borges

I'm 23 years old living in North Bergen, NJ. I've been painting for 3-4 years now. I started off drawing then expanded to painting. I want to give a message to women that imperfection is beautiful, love yourself no matter how you look. Thats the reason for my mannequin work. I paint differently on each one, which gives different meanings, different feelings.


David Scott Leibowitz brings over thirty years of fascination with photography, video art, and experimental filmmaking to his current position as a pioneer in the developing medium of Digital Art. Mr. Leibowitz is part of a new generation of artists who are redefining the boundaries of both fine arts and popular culture. Having come of age during the information revolution, his work merges an appreciation for the plastic art, with an affinity for advanced computer technology.                         

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